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Develop Your Skills and Strengthen Your Body to Elevate Your Game.


LaCondra Mason is a Former D1 College and Pro Player with Extensive Basketball Knowledge and Experience.

She has trained and coached players at the youth, high school, and collegiate levels.

With an emphasis on skill development, basketball IQ, and mental toughness, LaCondra works to develop and mentor players to excel on and off the court.

She is patient and firm in her training as she meets players where they are and guides and pushes them to improve through repetition, progression, and discipline.

Build Your Game with Efficient and Productive Skill Sessions

Work with LaCondra 1on1 or in a small group to build and develop your game. Sessions will include individual skill development and teaching of game principles, strategies, and terminology.


Strengthen and Condition Your Body to Perform

Build strength, power, and improve your durability with strength and conditioning training that is specific to the physical demands of basketball.

Get Better with

CMase Basketball Online

Improve your skills and strengthen your body with detailed and easy to follow workouts and programs. All programs are easily accessed through an app so you can work on your game and your body anytime, anywhere.



"LaCondra has done a great job with my son. He's improved in each facet of his game. Her attention to detail and understanding of skills that translate to the game have been instrumental in my sons development. Highly recommend her!" 

- Isaac Smith

"My daughter has come so far from when she started with Coach Mason. She has things she works on specifically for her and then also lets Kentz tell her what she wants to work on. If you need your child to advance in their skills, Coach Mason is a great trainer. Our daughter would not be looking at playing in college without her.

- Mackenzie Begley

" Watching my child grow and develop as an athlete has been amazing. LaCondra has trained Kortney for a little over a year now, and her ability, knowledge, and passion for the game and training has definitely made my girl a stronger, smarter, confident player."

- Kortney Mckenzie

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